Golden Terps Technologies

Golden Terps Technologies Limited, A Colorado Limited Liability Company based in Greenwood Village, CO.

Highlights :

Golden Terps Technologies owns a proprietary technology coming to market that is patent pending, aiming to decrease cannabis DUI’s in Cannabis legal states.


Golden Terps : Patent Pending

Greenwood Village, CO based Golden Terps Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of 840 Media LLC, Canberra Partners LLP and Golden Terps (HI), has applied and secured a provisional patent (Patent Pending) for an application that is coming to market, offering to decreasing cannabis duid’s in cannabis legal states nationally, starting with Colorado. We also serve to increase job growth and independent business ownership by the model that we are instituting within this business. Available 2018.

Golden Terps is also entertaining growth capital offers available via Tech Apps LTD, a direct public offering corporation. Shares are offered at a $1 a share, maturable in year terms.

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Davon Williams – Press Contact
Founding Partner
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